Why change ?

La Cuisine de Lola's healthy little meals are made with fresh meat and vegetables to make sure your dog eats nutritious and easy-to-digest dishes.


Fresh and local ingredients

  • We use only fresh ingredients that are fit for human consumption. Did you know, for instance, that the meat we use in our dishes is produced by a butcher who rears his own livestock in the province of Liège?


Just like at home!

  • We cook our meals like at home: each dish is prepared in our kitchen.


Fresh meals for a happy dog

  • The food is delivered in the days following the production so that your dog can benefit from ultra-fresh meals without preservatives.

How do they do that?


Sketchy ingredients

They use food unfit for human consumption to produce their kibbles. The ingredients are transformed so much that it is almost impossible to determine exactly what their kibbles contain.


A process that spoils the ingredients

  • They cook the raw materials at very high temperatures, which causes them to lose their essential nutrients. They also add many conservatives to the mix so that they can keep it for months, or even years … Eww!


Health problems

  • More and more scientific studies denounce the negative impact of kibbles on dog health. Feeding a dog with kibbles instead of homemade meals could even shorten its life expectancy by 3 years!